About Chris

Hi there and welcome along!

My name is Chris and this is my barely interesting bit of the net.

About Me

I am a radio presenter/producer/techguy at Black Diamond FM (a radio station broadcasting Chris Mackrell around Midlothian and Edinburgh in Scotland) which I have been involved in for several years.

Since joining the station I have been involved in many station events including reporting from the various Edinburgh Festivals and the famous Hogmanay celebrations.

When I’m not volunteering at BDFM I work for a large communications company which pays for visiting the cinema (too much) and attending various gigs in Edinburgh.

You can hear my show every Sunday afternoon between 12pm and 3pm and my other handiwork across the station the rest of the time! 

If you like my ramblings here then check out my twitter. http://twitter.com/chrismackrell

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