EIFF 2011 Summery

This years Edinburgh Film Festival was different from the rest, some change was welcome and some a little less. The rumblings of discontent had started before the opening film, and once the festive kicked off there were a few damming reviews. To be fair to the folks at EIFF I think they have been let down by people and had a short amount of time to pull rabbits out of the big movie hat.

Overall as much as there were no ‘killer’ films this year or any red carpet moments I still enjoyed it and the best films I saw were those I was least expecting to be brilliant.

Links to this years EIFF reviews are below and the people over at edinburghguide.com have done a good summery HERE!


Burning Ice

Project Nim (My favourite film of the festival out in August)

Feature Films

Fast Romance

Page Eight

Perfect Sense

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