EIFF: Burning Ice, Review

Burning Ice sets out to be a ‘different’ documentary about climate change. Following several celebrities and various artists and designers as they travel to Greenland to discover the effects of global warming and to take home inspiration to include in their work.

The film does fall into the same traps as other documentaries of this sort, being a bit too similar to what you could get from your TV. However, seeing the impact the visit has on artists like Jarvis Cocker, KT Tunstall and Martha Wainwright does add some interest to the documentary and will entice more moviegoers to see and hear about the issues involved.

While watching I couldn’t help but feel it would have been better to have more input from the local ‘guides’ who were showing the group around as they have seen the changes over a longer period of time. Even the scientists on the expedition didn’t get the full attention and say they deserved.

The ‘star’ of this film to me was Marcus Brigstocke who made it more entertaining but still got the message across. He also pointed out that it is hard to convince people that the world warming up is a bad thing as most people in the UK picture us ending up with tropical island weather (instead of the rain that was pelting down outside the Filmhouse)

The Greenland trip is interjected by footage from the 2009 Latitude Festival where the musicians show off their work inspired by the trip. I have to admit wondering where KT Tunstall’s track ‘Uummannaq’ came from!

Overall a good film, which I am sure, we will see on the small screen at some point.

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