EIFF: Perfect Sense, Review

I have to say I was a little tired when I stumbled into the morning screening of Perfect Sense.

The film set in Glasgow follows life as a virus/infection/whatever it is, infects the entire worlds population and causes them to slowly loose their senses starting with their sense of smell.

Focusing in on two main characters chef Michael (Ewan McGregor) and epidemiologist Susan (Eva Green) whose love starts at the same time as the virus hits Scotland. As each of their senses are removed the bond between them grows stronger. The rest of the human population adapting to survive the changes that are taking place backs the love story showing riots and panic across the world.

This film will probably get a 50/50 split with viewers either enjoying the mystery and unanswered questions or the opposite.

There are some great performances from McGregor and Green and the supporting cast. The occasional voiceover worked well providing a worldwide view of ongoing events and the political finger pointing giving clues and speculation on who or what is behind the virus.

In the end I was not 100% convinced by the film however, I did enjoy elements of it and don’t mind being left with a few unanswered questions.

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