When is it too early to play Christmas songs on the radio?

I often get asked by new presenters at Black Diamond FM when they should jump on to the tinsel covered sledge of sleighbelled ho ho ho’ing Christmas-nes which is the Christmas song.

When can they dig out the NOW THATS WHAT I CALL SANTA! 100 megamixed tracks of joy and Noddy Holder screaming to let us know what time of year it is (even though he is only accurate for one day)

The answer for them is the much loved BDFM ‘Ba Humbug Policy

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, or winter or shopping it’s the fact that there is such a limited Christmas Bulldogspool of ‘decent’ Christmas material out there that I (or most of the population) can take. Since end of September the local garden centre has been decked out in all of its fairy lit glory playing the same allotted ‘Seasonal Favourites’ on a loop that must drive the staff up the wall. Speaking to different friends and listeners you get the feeling that everyone feels the same but doesn’t want to be the one to run screaming towards the cd player with an axe to end it.

My theory is that if we can provide a Christmas ‘oasis’ for the staff who are hearing the same songs day in and day out, and the frustrated shoppers then that can only be a good thing!

Will I forget all that when I am covering the studio with tinsel (much to the dismay of our head of technical)……..probably

Meanwhile if any decent songwriters are out there reading this (why?)  Get your pen and notebook out and give us some decent new Christmas standards, so we can let Noddy Holder retire.

BA HUMBUG (for now)

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