The Ice Bucket Challenge

I have to admit to being slightly sceptical about the ice bucket challenges that have been rolling around the internet. Until today.

Today I learned that Macmillan Cancer Support have raised over £250k enough to fund 5 full time nurses in their centres. But the great thing is there are so many different charities benefiting from peoples challenges, it was originally started to support ALS in the USA which must have had a massive boost for their funding. The Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK and many others have also benefited.

Remember if you are doing one of these challenges, or are just enjoying watching them to donate to charity, I don’t mind which one…as long as it is registered (make sure it has a charity number, normally starting in SC if it’s a Scottish Charity)

Now that I have done it, it is probably no longer cool, but hopefully it has raised some awareness (for however short a time) for some great charities and causes.


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